According to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers Ôäľ 800 Taking into account the professional standards of teaching

Terms Of Service


Last revision: May 10, 2021

Please carefully read these Terms of Use (hereinafter - ┬źTerms┬╗) before using the National Platform for Professional Development of Pedagogical Workers ┬źEdWay┬╗, provided on the website https://edway.in.ua (hereinafter - ┬źPlaftorm┬╗).

The terms contain important information about your rights and obligations. If you do not agree to these Terms, please do not use the Platform.

When we use ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗, ┬źwe┬╗, ┬źus┬╗ or ┬źour┬╗ in these Terms, we mean the public organization ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗, which owns the Platform and provides it for use by users.

Processing of personal data in connection with your use of the Platform is carried out in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions or comments regarding these Terms or the operation of the Platform, please create a request to the Support Service or contact us at support@edway.in.ua.

Total deal

These Terms and any policies, including our Privacy Policy, published through the Platform constitute the entire legally binding agreement between you (┬źYou┬╗ or ┬źuser┬╗) and the NGO ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ governing Your use of the Platform.

By registering on the Platform, you declare and confirm that:
  1. You have read the Terms, understand their content and undertake to comply with these Terms in full;
  2. You are at least 18 years old (otherwise, you can use the Platform only with the participation of parents or guardians);
  3. You have the appropriate authority, acting on behalf of and in the interests of a legal entity;
  4. You comply with applicable laws.

Registering an Account and creating profiles

To use the Platform, you need to register a personal Professional Growth Cabinet (┬źAccount┬╗) by specifying your email address and creating a password.

Within the Account, you can create teacher profiles, offices of subjects of professional development, activate offices of educational institutions and professional development centers of pedagogical workers. To do this, you need to fill in the data fields in the appropriate forms and save the changes.

In the case of creating an account of the subject of professional development and activating it on the Platform, it is also necessary to download the request template, fill it in according to the recommendations, make a scan copy of the signed document and upload it to the appropriate field of the form. The activation of offices of educational institutions and centers of professional development is also carried out at the request of the established sample, the template of which can be downloaded from the corresponding field of the form for activation. We will consider your request and activate your account within 3 working days. In order for other users of the Platform to be able to find your account in the registry, you must provide accurate, reliable and complete information in your profile and created and/or activated accounts, and constantly maintain their relevance. You grant ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ NGO permission to publish on the Platform and are responsible for the content of the information provided.

When creating an account of a subject of professional development, an educational institution or a professional development center, you receive the functionality of the administrator by default, and your last name and first name will be displayed in the Manager field on the description page. Please note that one user can create only one professional development subject account, in which he/she will be the administrator.

Employees can join such an organization by indicating their connection with it in their profile after registering their own Account. At any moment, the administrator of this institution can terminate such a connection, if you are not an employee of this institution.

The administrator can also appoint moderators who can edit the descriptive page of the subject of advanced training, educational institution, professional development center. Moderators of professional development subjects' offices have the right to manage professional development opportunities (create, edit, keep track of participants, etc.). Administrators and moderators of offices of educational institutions and centers of professional development can see information in the profiles of users with whom communication is established on the Platform.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Account login information and are responsible for all actions taken using your Account. You are responsible for ensuring that Your use of the Platform and Account does not conflict with applicable laws, rules or other regulations.

If you know or for any reason suspect that someone has gained unauthorized access to your Account, please notify us immediately.

To delete the Account and saved data, please send us a corresponding request to the e-mail support@edway.in.ua or use the corresponding function button Delete account.

If you do not remember the password for entering the Account, you can use help and send a request from the authorization page by clicking on the active link I do not remember my password.

┬źEdway┬╗ platform

The national platform of opportunities for professional development of pedagogical workers ┬źEdWay┬╗ is intended for pedagogical workers, educational institutions / institutions, professional development centers and subjects of professional development to ensure the process of professional development of pedagogical workers in the legal field of the Laws of Ukraine ┬źOn Education┬╗, ┬źOn full general secondary education┬╗, Resolution No. 800 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 21.08.2019 ┬źSome issues of improving the qualifications of teaching and research-pedagogical workers┬╗, as amended by Resolution No. 1133. Use of the Platform is free for all user groups.

Opportunities for professional development

On the Platform, you can use a convenient filter search and apply for advanced training programs offered by advanced training entities, according to the following types:

  • Education under the advanced training program, including participation in seminars, workshops, trainings, webinars, master classes, etc.;
  • Internship.

Various forms of advanced training are available on the Platform, in particular, institutional, extramural, distance, network, dual, on-the-job, on-the-job, etc.

Based on the results of the advanced training program, you can receive a document on advanced training (certificate, certificate, reference, certificate, certificate, etc.) from the subject of advanced training.

Please note that, unless otherwise specified in the description of the opportunity, the NGO ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ does not organize, implement, approve and provide the training programs offered on the Platform, does not evaluate the results of the program, does not issue documents on the results of training and does not receive funds for the completion of professional development programs by teaching staff. Any such actions are carried out by the subject of professional development, which publishes and offers the relevant opportunity on the Platform. Your relationship with such entity regarding the completion of the program is governed by a separate agreement between you and that entity.

Subjects of professional development

After creating an Account, creating an office of the subject of professional development and its activation by the NGO ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ based on your request, you can create, publish and offer professional development opportunities to registered users on the Platform.

Entities of professional development must timely process all applications submitted by users for participation in such programs, properly ensure participation in the training of teaching staff and publicize the results of passing the professional development program, issue documents on professional development in accordance with the procedure established by law.

At its own request, the subject of professional development can send a request to the responsible body of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (State institution ┬źUkrainian Institute of Education Development┬╗ of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine) to establish the status of compliance of the proposed program with the possibility of professional development with the requirements of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 21.08.2019 No. 800 ┬źSome issues of improving the qualifications of teaching and research-pedagogical workers┬╗, as amended by Resolution No. 1133. Obtaining the status ┬źConforms to Resolution No. 800┬╗ means that the program of opportunities for professional development contains all the necessary information about the professional development of pedagogical workers.

Content and Intellectual Property

The platform is owned and controlled by ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ NGO. All materials of the Platform, including texts, images, designs, graphics, information, logos, icons, audio and video recordings, interfaces, software, trademarks, trade names, etc. (┬źContent┬╗), as well as copyright and other intellectual property rights to such Content belongs to the NGO ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ or is posted with the consent of the right holder.

It is forbidden to use the content and any of its elements without the prior written permission of ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ or the respective owners in any way not provided for in these Terms.

Provided that you comply with the provisions of these Terms, ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ NGO grants you a limited, non-exclusive, revocable license without the right to sublicense and transfer to:

  1. Use of the Platform from your personal devices under the conditions stipulated in this document;
  2. Viewing and access to any Content posted on the ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ NGO Platform and by users is exclusively for personal non-commercial use.

┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ NGO may periodically update and modify the functionality of the Platform. The license set forth here applies to any updates and modifications, unless otherwise notified to ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗.

You may not reproduce, publish, distribute, modify, create derivative works or otherwise use the Content for any commercial purpose without our prior written permission or for any other illegal purpose. You agree not to alter or remove any proprietary notices from materials downloaded or printed from the Platform.

User Content

By publishing on the Platform information about subjects of professional development and opportunities for professional development, leaving feedback and comments, users create, publish, distribute content (┬źUser Content┬╗).

Ownership rights, including intellectual property rights, in Your User Content remain with You. By publishing User Content on the Platform, you grant ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ a free, revocable license, which is transferable and sublicensable worldwide, with the right to access, use, copy, reproduce, publish, publicly display, process and distribute your User Content.

Any content that you publish on the Platform of the NGO ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ must:
  • To be truthful and reliable;
  • Do not contain obscene language, offensive comments related to race, national origin, gender, sexual preferences or physical disabilities;
  • Do not contain unwanted or unauthorized advertising, spam or other forms of imposition;
  • Not to promote violence and cruelty, not to contain threats and not to encourage violence against any person or animal;
  • Not be fraudulent or violate any applicable laws, rules or regulations;
  • Do not violate the privacy rights of third parties.

If your User Content violates the above guarantees or otherwise may be harmful or undesirable for ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ NGO, users of the Platform or third parties, our administrator may remove this content from the Platform and limit your access to it.

By distributing any User Content through the Platform, you hereby represent and warrant that:

  • Distribution of Your User Content does not infringe the property or non-property rights of third parties, including copyright, trade secret rights and other intellectual property rights;
  • You are the sole and exclusive owner of all User Content that you post on the Platform, or you have all the rights, licenses, consents and permissions necessary to grant ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ NGO rights to this User Content, and you allow us and other users of the Platform to use Your User Content in any manner provided by the functionality and these Terms;
  • You are personally responsible for all personal data that may be contained in the User Content you post (such as addresses, photos of people, their phone numbers, etc.).

Third-party services and websites

The platform may contain links to third-party sites and services that ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ does not control.

We are not responsible for the content and functionality that may be offered on such sites or by such third-party services. You use them at your own risk. We are not responsible for any losses, damages or other monetary liabilities arising as a result of your use of such third-party sites or services.

Please note that other terms of use and privacy policies apply to your use of third-party sites and services. In no case is ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ NGO responsible for personal data processed by third-party sites and services.

Disclaimer of Warranties

The Platform is provided on an ┬źas is┬╗ basis. Unless otherwise provided by these Terms or other policies of the Platform, ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ NGO disclaims all warranties, to the maximum extent permitted by law, regarding the Platform, its functionality, Content and User Content, including, without limitation, warranties of fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement intellectual property rights of third parties or other rights.

┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ NGO does not provide any guarantees regarding information about subjects and the possibility of upgrading their qualifications, accuracy or relevance of data about them, as well as guarantees regarding the provision of services by such subjects.

We do not make any promises or guarantees, in particular, regarding the accuracy, usefulness, reliability and correctness of the operation of the Platform. ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ NGO does not guarantee that the operation of the Platform will be uninterrupted or secure, that any defects will be corrected or that the Platform does not contain viruses or other harmful elements.

Limitation of liability

┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ NGO is not responsible if any information, materials, content available through the Platform is inaccurate or incomplete, as well as for typographical errors or deficiencies in the text or other materials.

In no event shall ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗, its employees or agents be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, special, punitive or consequential damages, including lost profits, loss of data or property damage, related to the use or inability to use the Platform or the Content published on it; for losses and damage that occurred as a result of the use of information or services obtained with the help of the Platform, as well as as a result of errors, defects and interruptions in the operation of the Platform, even if the NGO ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ was notified of the possibility of such losses.

Entities of professional development are independently responsible to the participants of professional development opportunities for the quality of providing professional development services and undertake to defend the NGO ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ in case of claims of participants regarding the quality of such services.

The above disclaimers and limitations of liability apply to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.

Compensation for damages

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, you agree to indemnify, indemnify and defend ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗, our partners, employees, contractors and agents from any claims, liability, damages, losses and expenses, including reasonable legal and accounting expenses , in any way related to or resulting from:

  1. Your violation of any provision of these Terms;
  2. Your use / improper use of the Platform, Content, User Content;
  3. Or your violation of laws or rights of third parties.

You also agree to indemnify ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ NGO for any losses and expenses incurred by ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ NGO (including fees or expenses of lawyers, accountants, professional advisors and other experts) in connection with the defense or settlement of disputes that have arisen through Your use of the Platform for any unlawful or prohibited purpose.

Applicable law and dispute resolution

These Terms are governed and interpreted in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

If any material on the Platform or your use of the Platform is contrary to the laws of your location, the Platform is not intended for you, we ask that you do not use it. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the laws of your country and to comply with them.

Except as prohibited by applicable law and without limiting the rights of consumers, You agree that any dispute, conflict, claim or dispute relating directly or indirectly to the Platform or these Terms, including, without limitation, those related to their validity, interpretation or application should be resolved through peaceful negotiations directly with the ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ NGO team in accordance with the principles of good faith cooperation. If it is not possible to reach a consensus through negotiations, the dispute must be resolved exclusively in the courts of Ukraine, in accordance with the current legislation.

All claims must be brought within one (1) year from the time they arise, unless applicable law requires a longer period.

Electronic messages

You understand and agree that we can send, in particular, to the contact data you specified in the Account

  1. Notification of updates to the Platform;
  2. Information or materials related to your use of the Platform, in particular, notifications about submitted applications for participation in professional development opportunities, tips and useful information about using the Platform;
  3. Information on updating these Terms.


┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ NGO has the right to monitor the compliance of your use of the Platform with the requirements of these Terms. In case of violations, we may withdraw or stop providing you with access to the Platform. You may terminate this Agreement between you and ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗ NGO by deleting your Account and ceasing to use the Platform.

At any time, in our sole discretion, we reserve the right to modify, suspend or terminate the Platform, Content, features or offerings, with or without notice; and/or offer or cancel opportunities for some or all user groups of the Platform. You agree that in such event we shall not be liable to you or to any third party.

If any provision of these Terms is held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of these Terms will remain in full force and effect.

We may transfer our rights and obligations under these Terms to a third party, but this will not affect your rights or our obligations under this agreement.

A printed version of these Terms is admissible evidence in legal or administrative proceedings arising on the basis of or in connection with the use of the Platform, to the same extent and under the same conditions as other business documents and records created and stored in in printed form.

We reserve the right to make changes to these Terms at any time. In the event of a material change that may affect your use of the Platform or your rights as a user of the Platform, we will notify you of such changes in a reasonable period of time before they become effective by sending an appropriate notice to your e-mail.

Contact info

If you have any questions or comments about these Terms or the Platform, please contact us:

Public organization ┬źEdCamp Ukraine┬╗

EDRPOU code: 40209526

Address: Ukraine, 61045, Kharkiv, ave. Otakar Yarosh, bldg. 20, corp. 1, sq. 88

Email address support@edway.in.ua.

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